Shot Put & Discus Throws Positions- Patterning

Dec 28, 2023

Let me start off with a statement and a question...

1) I hope you have enjoyed the 12 Days of throws tips so far, and

2) People often ask… Can I really  learn faster and get better faster, and throw a lot farther?

And the answer is YES!

I've proven it for the last 13 years and so have 1000’s of TCR member throwers and coaches. 

Today, I want to talk about a specific way to achieve bigger results-  faster... and faster!

And it only happens when you apply specific principles.

The main thing being you must apply the correct technical work.

You must be on the path to optimal execution day in and day out and you have to know the proper way to create a technical pattern.

So whether you are a new athlete or coach and haven't built any bad technical habits,

or you’ve been coaching or throwing for a few years ( or more) and are now in the need to undo bad patterns and technical habits...

Creating good technical patterns fast has a formula. 

Therefore,  I bring to you throws coaching tips-  Positions Patterning 

If you recall our second day of throws tips, I talked about P.E.D.s and the 2 types of Drills:

Throwing Drills 

Positioning Drills 

How we use and apply these P.E.D.s is what matters!

That is one of the things I talk about in this video and I'll give you a few examples as well. 

Then I drop our Formula for producing better results faster!

It's scientifically the best way.

Coach Johnson

P.S. Even if you missed the first 3 weeks of the TCR METHOD program, fear not! 

We added an extra week!


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