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Whether You're ...

a beginner athlete or coach, an intermediate athlete who's ready to Advance, or Anyone Seeking to Build an Unstoppable Throws Program...

this course is here to meet you where you're at and guide you to the next level!

If you want to:

Learn how to throw 

 Build upon your throws coaching knowledge base

 Create a solid throws training program that delivers real results

 Connect with other coaches & athletes and be a part of a throws nation

 Develop strategies that lead to consistent results and grows beyond that

 Gain clarity and overcome roadblocks with the help of Coach Johnson & the TCR system

 Access a complete roadmap that tells you exactly how to succeed 

... the TCR Method Throws Coaching program has everything you need to make it happen. If you're ready to take your throws training to the next level, gain clarity, support, accountability, and be connected to the Arete Nation, then this is the course you need!


The TCR Method 12-Week Coaching Program is designed to teach you how to analyze your training of the shot put and the discus throw and deliver the right throws training practice for MAX RESULTS.  Use your practice time efficiently, get the most out of EVERY throw, and make sustainable progress! 


Spend Less Time Struggling for Answers, and More Time In the Ring


The TCR METHOD coaching program is like being at a TCR Throws Camp on steroids!  Starting on Nov 22nd, 2023, you'll receive a technical breakdown of the TCR Launch System plan, giving you a clear understanding of what'll be the lessons each week.  This is an intense 12-weeks and you will come away feeling inspired, motivated to apply everything you learned asap and READY take on this year's track season!


Check out below what the TCR METHOD coaching program has for you: 


($600 Value) 

Get a jump on the up-coming track season by attending all 12- 90min online throws training sessions every Monday night ( 5:30pm (PST)/ 8:30p (EST). On these LIVE virtual coaching sessions you'll learn how to train for faster results, develop a solid technical foundation for further progress & master proper throwing biomechanics for consistent PRs & advancement. - MAXIMIZE YOUR THROWS TRAINING!


($99 Value)

You can't improve 30, 40, or 50+ feet in a year if you're working on things that KILL YOUR THROW every single day! This is your secret weapon for saving time & making every minute count at each practice, this BONUS throws coaching video course cuts through the BS, and gives you the most effective training principles in achieving objectives before, during and post competition. Get steps to rapid development & learn what out dated training cues you've been using that are murdering your throws. 


($199 value)

Break free from the training protocols of the past keeping you STUCK in place. The TCR Launch Program features the 3 Concepts / 10 Principles framework lessons of the TCR Training System. Also included are the famous TCR P.E.D.s (Performance Enhancing Drills)vol 1- containing 6 detailed Throwing drills that teach proper Throwing Technique and Motion which is position sequence & timing and TCR P.E.Ds vol 2- containing 35 pillar drills that teach you how to fix & rapidly correct positions that prevent you from having great throwing technique. ( Rotational Shot Put & the Discus Throw)


($19 value)

For those of you who like to have tangible training guides in your hands- we got you covered! Included inside the TCR Launch Program (level 1) are downloadable training guides for you to print out, make notes, and use at every practice to Sky-rocket your throws training sessions. ( Training guides for both Rotational Shot Put & the Discus Throw)


($199 Value)

Delivered weekly to your email's inbox, these Throws Coaching videos will guide you through the TCR Launch Program further & cover such disciplines as how to apply the right P.E.D.s (Performance Enhancing Drills) to what part of a throw and WHY!  Each week you'll learn how to further develop your shot put & discus practice strategies & engineer your training efforts to accomplish your goal- BIGGER THROWS!


($150 Value)

By far the most valued feature of ANY Online TCR course. Each week, we'll be selecting & analyzing a handful of throws videos submitted by you! Learn in real time how to SEE & COACH your athletes using the TCR Launch System. Warning! faster results are common side effects. 

Listen. This. Simply. WORKS!

This is NOT guess-work, hyped up theories, or recycled BS concepts. This is PhD scientific FACTS of how to biomechanically throw the Shot Put & the Discus.  We've taken a complicated sport and built a simplified FRAMEWORK. A proven TRAINING SYSTEM. 

Designed to help YOU Unlock Your Potential & produce Bigger Results- PEROID. 


It's time to get out to the ring and start training with purpose- RISE UP!