Distance Killer ☠️ Lifting The Chest - Rotational Shot Put & Discus Throws

Nov 10, 2023

The vicious cycle of watching shot put & discus throws videos you find online, taking a few notes in your head, and then go out and try to interpret what you just saw the night before- that eventually leaves you standing in the ashes of a so-so throws practice. 

So much work and little to show for it. Not very motivating for the athlete or the coach. 

It's an easy cycle to fall into. There's lots of contradicting throws info out there

But hears the good news...

You can break the cycle- so that you can learn train with more efficiency, effectiveness and see progressive results at every practice, not 5 months from now. 

But first

How do you know if you're trapped inside this vicious cycle of training sabotage? 

... and what causes it 

There are several key symptoms an athlete and a coach can experience to alert them that they're stuck in this cycle. 

  • You've been training without a coach, so you rely on everything you find online 
  • You've been working hard on your shot put and discus technique and are either
    • stuck in one place 
    • see little improvement 
    • or worse, you're going backwards. 😫
  • You're struggling to coach a handful of athletes who are all at different skill levels, athletic ability and experience in the sport. 

Causes are not surprising...

1. There are very few available coaches in this sport 🥺

and the ones that coach either threw in high school or college, it's a coach volunteer from another sport, or are a dad/ mom volunteer and their kid is throwing. Listen, we get it, finding a coach for the throws is harder to find than toilet paper in 2020 

2. Not the Top 5 sport 🚫

Throwing the shot and the discus is not the top sports here in America- let's face it, if it's not football, baseball, basketball, soccer or volleyball- is it even a sport? lol  And since it's not a featured sport, not many people know how to train for it. 

3. Not an introductory sport or activity 👶🏼

Not too many people take their 2- 5 yr olds out to toss the shot or the disc, so this is a sport many athletes discover in middle school or high school. How many of you reading this RIGHT NOW had their own kid come home from school and said, " Hey, I think I'll try throwing now" and you immediately answer, "Throw what?"  


One Thing I Know That Is Universal...

whether you're an athlete or a coach-

everyone wants to learn the inner workings of throwing technique, how to use throwing drills and positions drills and how to structure a solid throws training program so it is easier  to use and deploy for yourself or your team of athletes. 


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