4th Day of Throws Tips ๐Ÿ›  4 Technical Tips for Consistent Results

Dec 21, 2023

Now that football and volleyball are officially over (mostly) ...

it's officially time to start gearing up for track season.

Let's make the 2024 track season your biggest yet

and the year you devour the TCR System knowledge and turned it into HUGE results, smashing PRs and setting new records!

 To help you achieve these goals, I want to make sure that we did our part here at Arete Throws Nation by

  • Giving you actual proven no BS throws Coaching info
  • Simplifying throwing technique so you can understand HOW to hit those critical positions
  • and most importantly, master the 3 Components of throws training so you always move forward in your throws training and not backwards! yikes!!!

If you noticed in the last email, the main message was to understand that even though there's a lot to know, you can still build a simplified throws training program for yourself when you use the 3 components and learn how it connects it all together.

Today we're going to get back to some simple technical tips.

.... we're going to talk about 4 Key Technical Throwing Tips & connect them to the WHAT & the WHY

(see yesterday's email & video on the What and the Why

  • Technical throws tip #1 is about The Finish- Addressing the What and Why, and debunking a common technical concept that kills throwing progress fast and limits potential
  • Technical throws tip #2 is about how we actually look at HOLDING THE DISCUS & addressing the what & why to technique. 
  • Technical throws tip #3 is a tip about HOLDING THE SHOT and why from a strength perspective that can be difficult.- What & Why from Technique to Apply in Training
  • Technical throws tip #4 is so simple and so powerful and ABSOLUTELY makes a massive difference in training. (This is a GREAT training tip)